In 1995 at the behest of some people, who are now members of society ML ELETTROMEDICALI SRL, has developed the conviction to create a commercial center that cared for the distribution of electromedical equipment for physiotherapy and electrostimulation device for sport and aesthetic treatment through health shop, orthopedics, Pharmacies and specialist retailers. This idea, which resulted in the birth of MEDICALINE first, and ML ELETTROMEDICALI SRL later, has been developed thanks to the experience and skills that current members had materialized in previous work experience, now becoming a commercial reality that covers the entire national territory.

The customer base of the ML ELETTROMEDICALI SRL is represented by specialized traders operating in the field of physiotherapy, functional rehabilitation and athletic and aesthetic training, with predisposition to a professional sales to the user in order to offer a product with elevate content, technical applications and high performance. To better support the retailer, the company provides on technical and business training to better prepare to meet the needs of each user.
ML ELETTROMEDICALI SRL traditional traders closer to this reality are the medical equipment for physiotherapy seller, the healthcare, orthopedics, pharmacies and / or specialized resellers.

The company has always developed its business around the needs of the customer to be present in organizing training courses for the use of medical devices and products sale, ensuring availability, reliability and speed in delivery is that pre and post sales assistance.