The main activity of ML ELETTROMEDICALI SRL is the resale of medical equipment, and related accessories and consumables. Since 2005 the business has been joined by the design and production of medical equipment for physiotherapy and then placed on the market with its own name. The sale of these products, in line with the business philosophy that has always marked ML ELETTROMEDICALI SRL was supported by a range of services extremely important for customers and therefore the strategy for the same company:

a) accurate and detailed pre-service, allowing customers to choose the right product to the needs rehabilitation, functional recovery, etc. …
b) technical / training assistance for retailer to know and use the products.
c) technical / commercial post-sales customer assistance where specifically requested by the customer, interfacing directly with the final buyer’s in order to ensure proper product selection and safe use of the same by the final purchaser.
d) Assistance with a tester for the annual monitoring of the medical devices safety.
e) Designing medical devices for third parties.
f) Technical assistance on electrical devices.

Products made by ML Elettromedicali Srl are classified by Dir.93/42/CEE implemented in Italy with Legislative Decree 46/97, as medical devices class I and IIA.
For this reason, the Security appears to be of prime importance for production processes and business activities. The aim is to determine Quality Management Procedures, Instructions and manufacturing requirements to ensure product safety through:
– Standardization Activities
– Standards of behavioral Staff
– Control and monitoring of production processes

The Management Quality System is based on UNI EN ISO 13485